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Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with lovebeautypleasure, and procreation. Aphrodite's major symbols include myrtlesrosesdovessparrows, and swans. The cult of Aphrodite was largely derived from that of the Phoenician goddess Astarte. Aphrodite's main cult centers were CytheraCyprusCorinth, and Athens. Her main festival was the Aphrodisia, which was celebrated annually in midsummer. She was also the patron goddess of prostitutes.

Aphrodite had many other epithets, each emphasizing a different aspect of the same goddess, or used by a different local cult.

Aphrodite has been featured in western art as a symbol of female beauty and has appeared in numerous works of western literatureHesiod derives Aphrodite from aphrós "sea-foam", interpreting the name as "risen from the foam".

These digital paintings - shown here only in low resolution for copyright reasons - are printed on high quality paper (Canson Aquarelle Rag.310 gr.100% Rag cotton) in the frame format 20x60 cm. A maximum of 20 prints is printed. The painting will be printed on your order, signed by the artist and send to you.

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